Real QA Testing

This website talks about sensical approaches to QA testing and how to really know that your application does what it needs to do day in and day out.

Writing complex test cases

07 May, 2020

One thing I’ve started to get annoyed at is the practice of complex tests to validate complex scenarios. I feel that situations like this…

Categorizing release-blocking defects

07 May, 2020

Release blocking defects potentially add lots of churn to a sprint development cycle. These sorts of defects are ones in which the release…

What makes a good bug title?

07 May, 2020

Any useful bug ticket is one that makes sense to the developer, as well as one that states the problem is some measurable quantity. A ticket…

Steps to reproduce

07 May, 2020

A bug ticket is pretty useless without a good instructions on how to reproduce the bug a QA employee found. Bad steps to reproduce can be as…

How to classify bugs

30 April, 2019

I’m writing this since I’ve finally had enough of poorly titled or duplicate bugs. I’ve also talked about good ways to title bugs in the…

Purpose of QA

30 April, 2019

In any organization, the role of QA is not pointless. Whether a distinct QA team is the best means of performing the QA function is, however…

Stories vs Test Cases

30 April, 2019

I have seen a pattern where a test case for QA is just a copy of the story ticket. I disagree with this practice since there are so many…

When to automate test cases

30 April, 2019

Automated testing is not a substitute for QA. This ultimately depends on the product and if it’s possible to automate testing; this is…

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