Real QA Testing

Purpose of QA

April 30, 2019

In any organization, the role of QA is not pointless. Whether a distinct QA team is the best means of performing the QA function is, however, a separate question.

Many businesses are now starting to reduce their internal QA staff and rely more on automated testing done by their developers powered by test cases enforcing strict business requirements.

Having a QA team write test code is just something that could be done by developers. Larger team sizes might warrant separate engineers-in-test writing test cases alongside developers.

However, the QA role should not be another layer of product development and design. I have seen many times QA teams find “bugs” or behavior they do not agree with, and this is OK however it results in unnecessary churn and another loop in the Agile cycle. QA teams should be strictly enforcing the specifications required by the business and written by the product development team.

This website talks about sensical approaches to QA testing and how to really know that your application does what it needs to do day in and day out.