Real QA Testing

Stories vs Test Cases

April 30, 2019

I have seen a pattern where a test case for QA is just a copy of the story ticket. I disagree with this practice since there are so many things that could belong in a user story. A test case should just be a singular thing in that user story. A user story could say “A customer should be able to login to the website using a username and password”. A test case simply restating this leaves so many open questions.

Problems would arise when QA employees find issues with validation, or the login submission process, or the login page display. If the test case is just a rehashing of the story, there’s potentially churn here and no clear definition of what is wrong.

A specific test case for the user story in this example could be “Login process should not be able to proceed if a username and password are not entered”. Notice how this is more specific than the user story, and most likely mirrors the actual specs of the user story.

This website talks about sensical approaches to QA testing and how to really know that your application does what it needs to do day in and day out.